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Valentine’s is here !

Hope all you loves are happy !!


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Christmas Time

Try Fresh flowers for your holiday or for a special gift delivered for Christmas enjoyment. Flowers brighten and lift the spirits of giver as well as the recipient and their friends and family.

Wondering about how to decorate the holidays for a special wedding or event ?  Call Heaven Scent Flowers and Gifts to add the personal touch of a Florist.  Flowers really add a quality to any memorable occasion. We will help you make the most of a special event with Fresh Flowers.

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Local Organic Flowers

Great way enjoy the summer sending flowers

Beautiful Cut flowers ready for your vase !!

We custom design and are able to personalize your orders with hand made gifts or special effects. Call to speak directly to a certified floral designer and have a really unique hand built arrangement.

Dry Flower Arranging

The Art of Preserving Nature’s Beauty

Dry flower arranging has always been one of my absolute favorite past-times, and it’s an art that if done properly, can make that beautiful arrangement last throughout the years. These types of arrangements are long lasting, don’t require any special equipment, and drying your own flowers is an inexpensive way to craft low maintenance, distinctive decor for any environment! There are lots of ways to prepare dry flowers, from hanging upside-down, pressing, drying flowers using desiccants (moisture removers), all the way to freeze drying. The University of Missouri has a handy guide from  that will give you some tips on your chosen drying method!